For two weeks, the CĂ­rculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, center of culture in the Spanish capital, has hosted an individual exhibition of the paintings of Jose Antonio Rivero.

In the exhibition, called “abstracted life”, 16 paintings have been shown halfway between the figurative and the abstract, in a characteristic style of the artist that allows the observer to recognize the scenes and moments that are treated, while its deformation gives them greater expressiveness and allows the observer to contribute of himself in his interpretation, making him closer to himself.

These are cheerful paintings, which usually collect satisfying moments in a way that highlights their aesthetics and meaning, and which have generated numerous compliments and exciting comments:

It’s one of the best things I’ve seen around here

THE PAINTINGS have a very attractive style

You have a very personal and identifiable style, which is very good

The exhibition closed with great public success and the most sincere thanks from the author to all visitors and their best wishes and assessments.

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