About me

I have always had a vocation for graphic arts. In my beginnings it was painting and drawing, then photography and images made by computer (3D image, fractals, image editing), and recently I have returned to the passion of my beginnings, painting and drawing. Along this path I have learned many things from the different disciplines, such as composition, color, light and shadow, texture or geometry, which I now use to create my works. Currently I paint and draw at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, which brings together a wonderful group of experienced colleagues and young students, sharing their knowledge and ideas.

Painting at the studio

Painting at the studio





    • YOUTH: Winner of several local drawing and painting awards in my youth, which I remember with special affection.
    • 2001: Second prize in the PCActual magazine’s january infographic contest.
    • 2003: Second prize in the I National Contest of Fractal Images.
    • 2009: Winner of the photography award organized by the tour operator Politours. Several of my photographs were later published in its travel catalogue.